April 4, 2008

Pica – An Eating Disorder Caused Due To Disabilities In Mental Development

Posted in Category : Women's Health

The etymology of pica developed from the Latin word of magpie, a bird known for its indiscriminate appetite and large size. It is common to see many kids put non food items in their mouth at one time however, kid suffering from go beyond due to their illness as though have an eating disorder known as pica. It is caused due to disabilities in development, including mental retardation and autism in children between the age of two and three.

Autism is a disorder, it affects the children in numerous ways, at different level of severity as though it disturbs the ability to communicate and the way they behave and interact, it can also affect their thought process. The disorder of autism is difficult to recognize. Though, is characterized by compulsive carving and persistent.

The people suffering from pica frequently consume and crave nonfood such as clay, dirt, paint chips, plaster, chalk, cornstarch, baking soda, coffee grounds, cigarette ashes, feces, ice, glue, hair, paper, sand and soap. As though, the consumption of these items are harmful for human body, Pica is said to be as a serious disorder in eating though it can result in serious health problem can lead to food poisoning an iron deficiency anemia. The root cause of pica found after a scant research tends to show biochemical deficiency and more often iron deficiency in the human body. Pica is very much similar to hookworm infection which shows a pinkish hue to the skin, particularly around the mouth; the symptoms which confirm disorder are repetitive consumption of non food item and uneasiness.

The treatment of pica includes medicines which may be helpful in reducing the abnormal eating behavior. Medication really works in the disorder of pica and helps to treat the diseases successfully.