March 18, 2010

Natural Cure for Periodontitis Disease

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Periodontitis disease is difficult to miss, as it lets out a distinct odor that can be highly embarrassing. Simply put, it is a condition of decay of the teeth and gums. It is also known as pyorrhea. Periodontitis is what happens when there is stuff that gets packed between the gum and the tooth and this slowly begins to fester and rot. Infection beyond a point becomes inevitable, and this is what leads to further and more serious problems such as losing the teeth. The symptoms include very little pain to start with. In fact, the person affected may not even be aware that they are suffering from this problem, since it is exceptionally difficult to catch the bad odor from your own mouth. But slowly, there may be a tightening or swelling of the gums, accompanied with bleeding and pus formation as well. After a while, this could also turn painful, though this does not usually happen. Finally, you may lose the teeth around which the infection has formed. All of these symptoms will grow in this exaggerated way, however, if you completely ignore or neglect the problem. Initial neglect will turn the problem into a stubborn and difficult one, as the infection may very well set in and be resilient to most treatment without the use of antibiotics. So whatever treatment you decide to undertake, you may have to use home remedies as an aid to assist with performance of medicines. Self help alone may simply not be enough and could potentially worsen your situation instead of doing you any good.

Treatment for Periodontitis

To start with, you need to begin cleaning your teeth after each meal. This is important because each meal, however small, leaves behind some amount of debris in the lining of your teeth. Brushing will at least prevent fresh debris from accumulating. You should also try and floss as frequently as you can, but please stop at once if your gums start bleeding. Rinse out your mouth forcefully and properly. A mixture of lime juice and salt can also be useful in helping to get rid of the infection as well as keeping your teeth clean. You can also use a mix of turmeric powder, salt and lime juice and apply this. It will help you fight the infection. Most of these remedies are not pleasant to taste, but they will be very effective, particularly if used at night and left to work.