March 18, 2010

Causes & Cures for Agitation

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

The cause of agitation can be anything from a generally unstable mind reacting to a particular thing, person, place or environment. It could also be a sense of a lack of fulfillment, of stanched desire, extreme anger, annoyance, irritation, or the result of a fight. Basically, if you are disturbed, it can very easily lead to agitation of an emotional kind. The word itself means being generally disturbed and worked up to the extent that you cannot function properly. Agitation can also be manifested in different ways. A lot of times, people do not even realize that they are agitated. It could come about as too much talking, wild gesticulation, or even generally being unable to sit still. Sometimes, people who are agitated excessively find themselves unable to calm down, no matter what they try and do about the situation. It is not always possible to control your agitation. Sometimes it also so happens that people who are agitated at another person may even vent out their frustrations on the other person if that person is around. This can also sometimes tend to spoil relations. But this is also known to be one of the most therapeutic things. Resolving an issue completely can lead to a sense of satisfaction that goes a long way towards curing any agitation that may be felt.

Sometimes, agitation can also be a residual feeling. If there has been an extremely strong emotional incident, or a huge event in a person’s life, or a huge fight, this could happen. It is possible that even after such an event or occurrence is over, the person may experience residual agitation. It can come about as a niggling feeling that simply refuses to go away. One of the best ways to cure agitation is to get away from the cause of the agitation. This can be the most effective cure in a lot of cases. You need to basically focus on calming your mind and making yourself accept the situation for what it is. This makes it easier to come to terms with it and then to slowly come back to behaving like your normal self. You should also try and ensure that you get a good amount of sleep. This too goes a long way in taking care of your agitation. Try not to get into a situation that may aggravate you again, as sometimes, repetition can become a dangerous thing.