May 27, 2008

Osteoarthritis Exercise For Pain Relief

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

The use of exercise for relief from any type pain is well known. In the same way, exercise is also effective to get relief from pain due to osteoarthritis. A suitable osteoarthritis exercise can, not only provide relieve from pain, but in addition to this, it may also bring down the inflammation. However, this is true only if, exercise is done in a proper way.

There are a number of factors, which we have to be considered before opting for osteoarthritis exercise. These are crucial if we want to benefit from the exercise.

The most important factor is whether the patient will be able to do it or not. There are a number of options for exercises, which should be properly opted according to convenience of the patient. If the pain is too serious, the patient may not be able to do too, vigorous exercises. In such cases just moving the joint too and fro by just sitting or standing at one place are the right options.

In a case, which is comparatively less severe, the patient may do the osteoarthritis exercises as walking slowly, stretching, etc.

If the patient is, having only a mild form of inflammation, he may do some vigorous exercises as cycling, fast walking, etc. Such patients can even do the strengthening exercises as lifting weights, etc, as well. They may help him to be cured completely.

The time and the routine of osteoarthritis exercise also will play an important role. Generally, the osteoarthritis exercise should be done daily on a regular basis. However, it should never be over done. The exercise should not be for a prolonged period. Some rest after the exercise is very much necessary. This is the time when the muscles, bones and tissues will do the repairing job.

Ideally the patient should never decide to do osteoarthritis exercise all by himself. It is always better if it is done under the supervision of a rheumatologist. In such cases, the effects of exercise can be studied. Therefore, the rheumatologist will come to know about whether the patient is benefiting from the exercise or not. Moreover, in some case the exercise may damage the joint further. If this is happening it is very important to detect it in the beginning itself to prevent any serious damage.

Thus, when anybody does osteoarthritis exercise, doing it under professional supervision makes it possible to monitor the exercise routine so that it proves to be more useful.