October 30, 2009

Home Remedies for Dental Sores

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Dentures often irritate the soft, delicate tissue in the mouth leading to sores which are mainly caused due to the presence of foreign matter in the mouth. These painful sores, either occurring individually or in clusters, are usually red inflammations on the upper or lower jaw, palate or below the tongue. They normally develop when the dentures are new or ill-fitting or due to the friction caused by the dentures rubbing against the insides of the mouth. An allergic reaction to the material used to make the dentures could also be responsible for the outbreak. Other conditions that contribute to mouth ulcers include poor oral hygiene, alcohol and tobacco intake, fungal infections like oral thrush and low immunity.

Keeping the dentures clean is a crucial step in preventing sores. Brush your false teeth at least twice a day, as is recommended in the case of a natural set of teeth. This ensures that no food particles are left in the crevices in between the teeth. You could ask your dentist to recommend mild toothpaste that will not be too harsh on your false teeth. Gently rubbing your gums, several times a day, will help to get rid of food that may be stuck in between your gums and dentures and will also improve blood circulation in the mouth leading to lesser instances of sores. Removing your dentures while sleeping will reduce the occurrence of sores to a large extent as the mouth gets a chance to recuperate from the damage done during the day. When your dentures are completely clean; leave them in denture immersion solution for the night.

As soon as you feel any pain, removing dentures and gargling with salt water is recommended to soothe the lining of the mouth, heal scar tissue and prevent the occurrence of mouth sores because of the antibacterial properties of salt. A concoction made with a teaspoon of dried goldenseal in half a cup of warm water is believed to be an effective mouthwash due to the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of goldenseal. Strain the mixture before use. Since alcohol and tobacco increase the occurrence of mouth sores, it is better to avoid them. If the sores persist, it is recommended that you visit a dentist. If your find that your dentures are cracked or damaged in any way, home-fixing should definitely be avoided since only a dentist has the expertise to fix the dentures properly.