I have three open sores on my tongue. How do I stop the pain

Open sores on the tongue and mouth are referred to as canker sores. These are small ulcers that usually develop on the lining of the mouth and result in tenderness and pain. Canker sores are a fairly common phenomenon and tend to also occur on the movable areas of the mouth such as the insides of the cheeks, base of the gums, insides of the lips and the tongue. Canker sores first appear as small roundish raised areas that erupt within a day's time. These ruptured ulcers then develop a thin whitish membrane on the top. There is also a red halo that surrounds the membrane. In most cases, the sores subside within a couple of weeks without leaving behind scars. In rare cases, a fever may occur. But for the most part, these sores are not associated with any other illness. An individual may either develop a single or multiple canker sores at one time.

Most cases of canker sores occur between the ages of ten and twenty years. However, very young children may also develop this condition. The frequency of their occurrences varies and some may develop 1 to 2 bouts within a year, while others may experience persistent sores. The causes of canker sores are not completely understood. They do not seem to arise due to infection by bacteria or viruses. However, an allergic reaction to a certain bacterium that commonly lives in the mouth is known to trigger an episode of canker sores in some people. allergies to certain foods may also result in canker sores. Studies have also shown an association between canker sores and an improperly functioning immune system. This results in the attack of normal mouth or tongue cells by the defense system of the body. Trauma to the mouth or emotional stress is also believed to contribute to canker sores. Those who smoke or wear dentures also seem to be more prone to developing canker sores.

An effective home remedy for treating canker sores is black tea. Tannin which possesses natural pain relieving qualities is contained in black tea. Apply some black tea to the sores with the help of a cotton ball for relief from pain and burning. Icing the affected areas will also help to reduce swelling and ease the pain. You may also apply the oil from vitamin E capsules to the canker sores many times during the day to promote quicker healing.

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