May 7, 2010

Kidney Infection During Pregnancy

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Are you suffering from back pain, fever, vomiting, and a constant urge to urinate? Well, do not mistake these symptoms for pregnancy related issues. They can be the signs of an underlying kidney problem. Kidney infection symptoms are similar to those of pregnancy and can often be overlooked.

Kidney infection can lead to serious problems if neglected, especially when you are pregnant. In fact, you are more prone to kidney infections during pregnancy as your immunity level is comparatively low. If the kidney infection is not treated in time, it can lead to serious complications and even death. This is why it is important to look out for the possible signs of kidney infection and treat it before it is too late.

Signs of Kidney Infection during Pregnancy

A kidney infection can show the first signs quite quickly. It depends on how well you recognize them and addresses them.

  • Initial Symptoms. The initial symptoms include vomiting, the urge to urinate frequently, pain while urinating, bleeding while urinating, fever, and pain and chills.
  • Back Pain. Pregnant women suffering from kidney pain may also often experience back pain. The back pain could also be a result of the stretching of ligaments, tissues, and muscles in order to accommodate the growing baby. This pain can be quite severe at times and can often result in bursts of sudden pain around your waistline.
  • Urination. Pregnant women often suffer from yeast infections and hence they may experience discomfort while urinating. There may be a sense of burning or pain while urinating, thereby making the entire experience a nightmare.
  • Fatigue. Pregnant women in general, have a feeling of exhaustion. However with kidney infections, this fatigue increases. With a kidney infection, the exhaustion may be so much that you may not be in a position to do your routine tasks.

A kidney infection often occurs when a urinary tract infection is not treated in time. If you do not follow proper hygiene and do not take proper care then you can have a relapse of the infection. Please note that the infection can also spread to other parts of your body if you fail to treat it in time.

A kidney infection happens when the bacteria enter your urinary tract through your urinary tubes and start multiplying. Women may also contract this infection after having sex. Therefore, ensuring good hygiene will help you stay away from this health problem.

If you notice any of these symptoms of kidney infection during your pregnancy, or otherwise, your best bet would be to consult your doctor without delay.