August 18, 2010

Lower Abdominal Pain And Nose Bleed

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My son has been experiencing burning in his abdominal area and frequent nose bleed.What can I do to help elevate this discomfort

Abdominal pain is basically defined as any type of discomfort or pain that occurs in the area from the lower chest right up to the groin. The symptoms of burning abdominal pain may be observed on account of various mild to serious medical conditions, disorders, ailments and so on. Prolonged abdominal pain may also result in the individual suffering from inflammation, trauma, infection and other abnormal processes. Some people may suffer from burning lower abdominal pain because of stress, indigestion or even medical conditions such as appendicitis or gall stones. Similarly, one may also experience certain other symptoms associated with acute burning lower abdominal pain such as vomiting, nausea, abdominal distention and diarrhea. Sometimes one may suffer from burning lower abdominal pain because of gastric problems caused by irregular eating habits or by eating too fast or even by skipping meals which leads to the formation of gas in the body. The abdominal pain in such cases could be alleviated by avoiding spicy, fried and fatty foods and foods that are known to cause gas such as beans, cabbage, cucumber, white radish and so on. One should also try and avoid alcohol, smoking and carbonated drinks as far as possible and instead go for brisk walks or exercise on a regular basis.

Relieve Abdominal Pain

A home remedy to gain relief from burning lower abdominal pain is to add some mint leaves to some boiled water and then consume this liquid. One may also have some black tea with ginger, chamomile or mint to gain relief from abdominal pain. One should always drink plenty of water to ensure that one is hydrated and that the harmful toxins are flushed out of one’s system. One should also consume plenty of fiber rich foods as they help ease the process of digestion. Similarly, bleeding from the nose and ears could be for a variety of reasons but the primary step that one should take is to always try and stop the bleeding which is done by first pinching the nose just above the bone. To stop the bleeding from the nose an dear completely one may dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a little bit of vinegar and then dip some cotton in this mixture and hold it near the bleeding nose. This home remedy is known to be effective to stop the bleeding immediately. Similarly another home remedy is to hold a piece of raw onion under ones bleeding nose to stop the bleeding as the fumes of the onion act as a coagulating agent.