August 18, 2010

Benefits Of Running With Weighted Vest And Backpack

Posted in Category : Exercise

Running with any kinds of weights are said to burn more calories to effectively lose weight and helps in strengthening the muscles. A weighted vest also does the same thing but has an added advantage of building stamina and improving cardiovascular strength. Running with weighted vest cannot be done all of a sudden. If you have not slowly broken into the habit of running with weight vest, it will do more harm than help first timers. Regular runners could try out the weighted vest if they would want to tune up their exercise regime. Weighted vests shifts the pull of gravity higher up and puts extra strain in your middle. So if you are trying it out for the first time, first wear the vest and practice walking and jumping around then slowly start your running regime. You have to be careful that along with burning calories your muscles and ligaments are in danger of suffering cramps and tears. People with weak backs and those prone to frequent back injuries are advised not to try running with weighted vests as they would cause more injury to the back.

Running with weighted vest would force the body to work harder, thereby burning more calories. However even without the vest sometimes, the body becomes so used to having the weight around the midsection that even without it the effect lasts. Since the body has been conditioned to run with the weight, it will continue to work the muscles harder and faster and continue to burn more calories even without the vest. Sometimes this vest also acts as a back support for people with back pains. It gives the support the back requires and helps to maintain the right posture. It builds the back muscles and forces them to function in the right way, increase resistance and improve balance.

Exercising or running with weighted vests would also help to increase the density of the bones in your body. As the body exerts itself it will also be able to make its bones stronger and thicker. Running with a weighted backpack is a good idea for mountain marathons or military exercises. But for normal exercise routines to lose weight and stay fit it is best to avoid it, since the weight on the back like that can cause more problems to your back. Make sure you pick a vest that you can handle and be able to exercise in. Regular use of these vests should show a drastic change in your body and your health.