Home remedies for fibroadenoma of breast

Breast cancer continues to affect millions of women the world over. If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is essential to seek medical treatment for it. However, there are also some home remedies for breast cancer that one can turn to. Do bear in mind that home remedies for breast cancer should not be used alone in the treatment of breast cancer. Following a proper diet is one of the main home remedies for breast cancer. This diet must consist of the right amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Cancerous cells can be got rid of by chemotherapy or radiation but lifestyle changes are a must as well.

Such a diet must be high in antioxidants as research has proved that antioxidants work well against cancer cells. Garlic should be included in the daily diet as garlic in its most natural form has some cancer fighting agents within it. Of course, garlic cannot get rid of breast cancer, but it can certainly help in the prevention of it. Include more fruits and vegetables than fatty foods in your diet. Studies have shown that taking Omega-3 fatty supplements are effective in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Breast cancer treatment guidelines include treatments like surgery, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, radiation and chemotherapy.

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What is fibroadenoma breast?

There are three kinds of benign breast lumps – cysts, pseudolumps and fibroadenoma. A fibroadenoma breast lump is a non cancerous lump in the breast. This kind of breast lump is a benign group of cells that support other kinds of cells in the breast. A fibroadenoma breast lump is rubbery and easily movable within the breast tissue. Such a lump is located near the surface of the breast and can easily be felt during a breast exam. It feels like a round breast lump. A fibroadenoma breast lump can be firm or hard. It is not tender to the touch. It is not likely that a fibroadenoma breast lump will become cancerous later.

If you suspect that you have a fibroadenoma breast lump, do contact your health care provider to get it examined properly. He/she is the best person to diagnose the type of lump you feel in your breast. A biopsy can confirm the type of lump. A fibroadenoma breast lump can range in size from one cm to five cm. Some can even be the size of a small lemon that is about 15 cm. As a fibroadenoma is benign in nature, treatment will vary and depend on the diagnosis. If the lump is small and painless and remains the same size, follow ups may be necessary. If it grows, you may require surgery to remove it.

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Are there any natural remedies or cures that can aid in treating breast cancer?

Women who have developed breast cancer can use certain natural remedies for breast cancer which can help to minimize the medical treatments for breast cancer. One of the most important natural remedies for breast cancer involves boosting the immune system. Grapes contain a compound called proanthocyanidins which reduces the body's production of estrogen. Studies have shown that this effectively treats breast cancer. Drinking green tea is also on the list of natural remedies for breast cancer. Green tea has anti inflammatory properties and is also effective in fighting breast cancer. Simply boil some herbal green tea in a vessel till the quantity is reduced to half.

Some of the highest cancer fighting nutrients can be found in foods such as ginger, parsnip, garlic, parsley, carrots and cilantro. Ensure all these are included in your daily diet. Cabbage, wheat and bran are all included among the natural cures for breast cancer and it is essential that your diet includes these foods as well. Do keep in mind that the natural remedies for breast cancer mentioned above should be discussed with your doctor, before trying any of them out. Bear in mind that natural remedies for breast cancer can aid in its treatment, not cure it altogether.

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Can breast cancer be prevented?

Can breast cancer be prevented? Yes, preventing breast cancer is possible and requires some lifestyle changes. Read on to find out more about preventing breast cancer. You can prevent breast cancer by controlling various factors such as:-

  • Weight: Being obese or overweight increases the risk of breast cancer. More so if this obesity occurs later on in life, particularly after menopause. Keep your body normal and stay active throughout your life.
  • Breast feed your baby: Breast feeding also plays a role in preventing breast cancer. Breast feed your baby for as long as possible. The longer you breast feed, the more the protective effect.
  • Environmental pollution: As far as possible, avoid exposure to environmental pollution. Studies have shown a possible link between breast cancer and pollution from vehicle exhaust.

Some experts even advocate following a breast cancer prevention diet. Such a diet should be rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains (avoid refined flours and sugars), and antioxidants (such as green tea). A healthy diet can also help you maintain a healthy weight, which as mentioned above is a key factor in preventing breast cancer. It is not always possible to prevent breast cancer, but by following the above steps, you are actively trying to prevent it.

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In many cases by following a proper diet fibroadenomas can be controlled.

Diet :

  • Eat food low in fat and high in fibre , reduce caffeine intake and avoid non vegetarain food items.
  • Supplement your diet with flex oil , fish oil and vitamin E & C.
  • Try applying hot compresses to the breast.
  • Accupunture & Homeopathy can also be helpful.

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