My wife has neckpain on right side. One one the vain gets swollen and pain starts. Please advise for remedy?

The description you have provided of the problems your wife is facing is not adequate to make a positive prognosis over this forum. It would be advisable to consult a doctor who will be better able to tell you exactly what the problem is. It would be better to visit your regular family physician as he or she would be familiar with your wife's medical history and would be able to give you an accurate diagnosis. It is possible that your wife may have to go in for physiotherapy or further tests. Sometimes, the nerves or the muscles in the neck area get affected due to incorrect posture or sleeping in an awkward position, . This is a fairly common occurrence. Sometimes, the nerves get pinched or pressed down as well. This usually happens when there is some sort of swelling that has occurred internally. If you are unable to visit a doctor or a physiotherapist right away you can apply warm packs for your wife. You can use a heating pad or simply a hot water bag as a warm compress. Place the compress in the general area where the swelling and pain is the most. This will help to ease the discomfort and will also promote blood circulation and so reduce the swelling.

If this hot compress treatment does not work, you can try the opposite. You can apply a cold compress or ice pack to the affected area. This will numb the area and will provide temporary relief. However, this is not the most advisable way to go. The reason for this is that the cold will always have a tendency to freeze the muscles in the place where they are. In addition to this, just as a hot compress increases blood flow, a cold compress will restrict it. Usually, a warm application can help to smoothen out the muscles and will always make you feel better. You can also make it a point to rub on mustard oil in the area before applying the pack. Mustard oil has extraordinary healing powers and is of great use in such injuries. Please be really careful that you do not massage the oil into her neck too forcefully. A massage is the worst thing you can so in this situation. While there is a remote chance that it may cure your wife, the greater chance is that it will work adversely and make things worse for her. Simply rub the oil gently and leave it on. Keep in mind that the skin is porous in nature and the oil will therefore get absorbed.

answered by M W

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