my mother has lympnoid cancer how can we make her more comfortable w/o all the pain pills ? also need help with natural remedy for constipation . thank you

Constipation that occurs in patients who suffer from this disease is an extremely uncomfortable condition. But there are a variety of ways in dealing with the situation. The most popular is prune juice. However, the taste of prunes is not very popular, so an alternative is to drop dried prunes in boiling water for about 15 minutes and then chew them thoroughly. In order to take care of constipation, the best fruits to consume whole are papaya, peach, pear, pineapple and prune. Juice will make the initial process of loosening your bowels easier, but you must switch to the fruit later. Before going to bed, a glass of warm milk with four crushed figs added to it will also give a good bowel movement in the morning. Raw spinach juice, unstrained, is also highly effective in treating constipation in this condition. Flaxseed, if available, is an excellent remedy for constipation. You should consume about two teaspoons a day, anyway you like.

For pain relief in this condition, the most effective thing to take is a whole clove of garlic every morning or night, whichever suits the patient better. A gentle body massage with olive oil will also help calm and relax the person, thereby helping to relieve the pain for some time.

answered by G M

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