I am suffering from severe itching in anus and portion below naval from last 1 week. Taken ciprafloxcin antibiotic for three days and pain killer but there is no relief. There is not much constipation. Suggest remedy?

The first question that needs to be addressed here is why you are taking the antibiotic you have mentioned in the first place. It cannot be possible that you are taking such a strong antibiotic for the itching in your anus as well as the stomach area below the navel. If there is another reason you are taking the antibiotic you have mentioned here, then it should be specified before revealing any relevant alternate measures that you can also take. In all likelihood, it is possible that the two problems you are suffering from are not related to each other. In order to avoid any confusion, it is advisable that you consult a doctor and get a positive diagnosis about your condition. This will help to avoid any confusion and will also allow accurate remedial methods of both kinds to follow. In order to take care of the itching in your anus, you can take a couple of steps to ensure extra cleanliness. It could be possible that you are suffering from this constant itching due to remaining unclean to some extent. For some time, eliminate the use of toilet paper except to wipe water off your buttocks. You can use water and your hand to wash off after a bowel movement. This will ensure that there is no irritation caused due to the usage of toilet paper. If this is causing a problem, it will work within a couple of days or so.

You should also medically eliminate the possibility that you are suffering from the itching below your navel due to any reason that has roots internally. This way, you can take care of it on the surface. If you are suffering from itching, it could be due to a sudden weight gain, or extra dry skin. You can buy some pure vitamin E oil and gently massage your lower abdomen with this. This will help to relieve the itching sensation. You can also use cocoa butter for this. If you are suffering from a heat based allergy, you can also try to take care of it by using a paste made with sandalwood powder and rose water. This will help with the itching and will also help to heal the area, if required. As an alternative, to help with healing, you can also use turmeric powder mixed into clarified butter. Both of these substances have substantial healing properties that can easily help to resolve your problem.

answered by G M

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