June 23, 2010

Toddler Chronic Constipation Remedies and Diet

Posted in Category : Child Health

Constipation in toddler is a rather common phenomenon wherein your child is not able to pass stools on a daily basis and has difficulty while passing stools as the stools are dry and hard. Since passing stools hurts, kids try to hold it back whenever they get the urge to go to the toilet and by doing so they further worsen the condition. This could then even lead to chronic constipation in toddlers. It is said that almost 50 percent of toddlers suffer from constipation at some point or the other due to which constipation and toddlers go hand in hand. The reasons for constipation in toddlers could be many and eating a food that is particularly less in fiber could be the primary reason. If you have started giving your toddler solid food, that could be another reason for constipation because their body is still not used to a different type of food that is introduced. Also, drinking very little water could be the cause for toddler being constipated. You know your toddler is constipated when his bowel movements have reduced as compared to other days or he does not pass stools for a few days at a stretch. They will also feel pain and be very uncomfortable during their bowel movements and the stomach may also feel hard where the stools are in the form of tiny marbles.

The first among toddler constipation remedies is a diet rich in fiber as majority of the times your toddler is constipated because of problems related to the diet. Fruits and vegetables that have high fiber content are prunes, raisins, apples, bananas, peas, peanut butter and grainy breads. There are also a number of breakfast bars and cereals that are high in fiber and can be given to your toddler. Doctors recommend that you need to feed your child 3 vegetable servings and 2 fruit servings everyday especially for those who are between the age group of 2 and 6 years. You also need to ensure that your toddler drinks a lot of fluids that includes water, milk and juices as these will prevent them from getting dehydrated which is the reason for stools getting harder which further on leads to constipation. You will know that your child is getting enough fluids if they pass urine at least once in three hours when they are not asleep. You should not give your toddler any medicine got from outside unless the doctor has prescribed it.