November 3, 2009

Is Aloe Vera Juice a Natural Cure for Constipation

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Constipation could refer to infrequency in passing stools. It could also be used to describe the passing of hard stools, or a problem in the passing of stools. It could also refer to a sense of not having emptied the bowels completely. These different types of constipation may be caused by different factors. Constipation takes place when the stool travels in the large intestine very slowly. The large intestine creates solid waste by eliminating the water from the stool. This solid waste then passes through the large intestine and is expelled through the rectum during a bowel movement. If the stool remains in the large intestine for a prolonged period of time, the water is further removed from it, making it dry and hard.

Changes in one’s lifestyle may result in constipation. A change or disruption in the diet and exercise routine may cause constipation. Not engaging in bowel movement when the urge arises, may also lead to constipation, as this allows for the stool to remain for a longer time in the large intestine. Stress and improper dietary habits could also be factors. Intake of foods that are too low in fiber content and not consuming enough liquids could result in constipation. Intake of iron and calcium supplements may also cause a difficulty in bowel movements. Certain medications such as pain relieving medication containing codeine, diuretics and anti-depressants may also have this effect. Constipation may also take place during certain conditions such as pregnancy or delivery, irritable bowel syndrome in which the intestine muscles are unable to function properly, damaged nerves and muscles of the intestine and rectum, diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Aloe vera is a very effective natural herb that is used to treat a wide variety of conditions. It is also helpful in encouraging proper bowel movements, thereby preventing constipation. However, it must be noted that women who are menstruating or pregnant women must not use aloe vera to treat constipation. Also, those who experience allergic reactions to aloe vera must also avoid using it. Aloe vera has astringent properties and helps to make the muscles taut, which results in a laxative effect. You may consume a mixture of 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and some apple juice. Drinking aloe vera juice directly in the morning and before going to bed will also ensure regular bowel movements. Aloe vera also cleanses the colon and gets rid of harmful bacteria. You may also take aloe vera capsules to relieve constipation. A drink of aloe vera gel and peppermint tea is also a beneficial remedy for treating constipation.