Yoga Exercises For Teens

Stress in teens has become a very common but daunting factor today. As it was thought previously, it is not difficult to reduce this stress in teenagers. Stress management is only as difficult as it is to overcome reluctance and general inertia of the body. All that is required is a strong will power to persistently perform the various Yoga poses everyday. It is as important as our daily chores.

Yoga and meditation not only increase energy levels but also our concentration and awareness. It vitalizes our senses and equips us better to handle our physical and mental ailments. This is very effective in relieving teen stress and providing stress relief to them.

Teenagers can start with warm up exercises which they can do in different poses like standing and while seated. After this then they can move on to perform 'Twist Yoga' and 'Inverted and Balance Yoga' which are the next levels of the exercise and where we bend our bodies sideways while trying to maintain balance. 'Supine Yoga' (here leg pulls and leg raises can be performed) and 'Backbends' are done to make the muscles flexible and increase blood circulation. 'Savasana' is the finishing Yoga where deep breaths are taken while lying flat on the ground. There are other Yoga exercises for sexuality, hygiene and sports which make the body swift and tempers down mood swings.

'Power Yoga' requires intense workout and it is especially good for the athletes. Other Yoga poses like 'Kundalini', raises the energy level, 'Anusana' is based on the universal principle of alignment and 'Viniyoga', which is the gentle and balanced Yoga form, can be regularly practiced by the teens. These are highly effective in removing anxiety and depression. Yoga is meant not only as a tool for weight loss but also to give value and stability to our lives. If teens make a habit of doing Yoga everyday and incorporate it in their day to day schedule, then their minds and bodies will always remain enriched.