Interpersonal - Group Activities and Sharing

Including Yoga exercises in small group activities are very beneficial, especially for children as they are good at imitating. When they see their teachers and instructors exercising, they follow them and they are doubly encouraged when they are group sharing. At a very early age, children do not reason much, they just follow whatever they are taught. Eventually, when they exercise regularly, their reasoning capacity increases and thus their interpersonal skills develop.

Teaching of Yoga during early childhood education includes activities which imparts knowledge based on sharing. Children are taught to share their materials with other and to share the knowledge among themselves. Those who are slow in grasping are helped by their friends who are sharper. A level of understanding is achieved among children and attempt is made to bring all children to the same plane of knowledge.

Yoga teaches children to interact freely with their counterparts and learn from this experience. They also learn to accept each others' shortcomings, try to overcome them and accept their friends as they are. They get to know that every human being is different and we have to cohabit peacefully and respect others. Children who are shy are able to remove their inhibitions and participate wholeheartedly. Every child is involved in the activities of the classroom when they become regular yoga followers. This develops a feeling of brotherhood and makes the community better. Wherever children go, they accept people and happenings with a philosophical view and appreciate the efforts of others. They come to know of the varying nature of mankind and adjust in any kind of situation.

Yoga not only teaches the day to day facts of life to the young minds but also introduces them to the value of existence. What can be a better place for kids activity than in school where already they have friends and instructors!