September 20, 2011

Home Remedies For Treating Pain In Neck and Shoulder

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

Neck and shoulder pain is usually linked and a muscle cramp or any injury to any one of these parts can affect the working of both the neck and the shoulder. For neck and shoulder pain relief, there are many ointments and creams that can provide quick relief. Occasionally there are quick work injections too. Some muscle relaxants can also help in reducing the soreness of the neck and shoulder. There are temporary relief mechanisms and you should seek proper treatment for an effective, long-term cure.

The main symptoms of neck and shoulder pain include sharp pain or a dull throbbing persistent pain. Any kind of neck pain or shoulder pain can also lead to limited mobility. The pain can cause limited use of the neck, shoulder, arms and sometimes even the entire head. It could also lead to a headache. Extreme pain would result in complications like numbness, tingling and a cooling effect. If your arm starts to change colour, you should immediately seek medical help because it means the blood supply is getting affected due to the possible injury leading to neck and shoulder pain.

The most common causes of neck and shoulder pain include injury and strain to the muscles linking the two. Any injury to the soft tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments can lead to neck and shoulder pain. Broken collarbones, wrong exercises, excess exercising, any form of injuries or stress on the muscles, any of these causes can lead to neck and shoulder pain.


The treatment for neck and shoulder pain can be done using various methods. The quickest are usually creams, ointments and pills. These neck and shoulder pain remedies provide relief but are not long lasting. Often they act as temporary measures by reducing the pain for a few hours. These remedies are helpful if the inherent cause of the shoulder and neck pain is known. Icing the area, resting the muscles or even using heat can help reduce the stiffness and soreness. Popping too many pain pills can be dicey because it creates a false sense of fitness. If it is a bigger injury which is also healing then these ointments and muscle relaxants can make a difference. But these remedies are not permanent remedies.

There are many different types of neck and shoulder pain exercises that work as a permanent cure. Posture is the main issue that usually needs to be addressed first. Sitting in the right position, with proper pressure on your shoulder blades, neck and the spine can eliminate a lot of long term pain. Today, our lives are centred around on computers and bad posture is responsible for many long term physical pains.

Sleeping properly, yoga, basic stretches all can help in the treatment of neck and shoulder pain. If you have a larger injury that is leading to the pain, then you should point it out to your treating doctor. Often any big injury to the muscles here can cause shoulder and neck pain. The treatment is usually accompanied with physiotherapy which exercises the muscles and other painful areas. But if your treatment is not including this, you need to mention to your doctor that the pain is present.

You can also use different props that are available like pillows and cushions and collars. These props make it easier to bear the pain especially if the recovery is going to take some time. Consider exercise and meditation techniques to reduce stress which has a direct impact on the neck and the shoulder. Yoga is also a good option. In case the pain continues for a long time, it is best to visit the doctor and get it checked.