Kids Yoga Exercises Include Techniques Involving Puzzles and Colors

Yoga games for kids make an interesting adventure for children. It brings a welcome change from the day to day rigors of formal and traditional teaching. Not only the children but adults also enjoy playing math puzzle, puzzle maker and color cube puzzle. Color game, kids crossword and color puzzles games revitalizes the young minds. When children are in a particular pose they are asked to reflect on what they are doing and give a name of their own to the pose. This way they are able to enhance their visual memory and this gives them the impetus to be creative. There are various theme based games and free online puzzle game for children where they perform according to the themes.

In schools, children can be involved in solving puzzles physically. They are made to stand in a circle in different Yoga postures and given few clues. Then they are asked to solve it one by one and the winner gets to take home a surprise gift. There are various other visual learning methods which can be played with the help of Yoga. Yoga teaches various techniques to children to play these games and encourages them to create their own games and bed time stories. These games and puzzles are particularly good for visual spatial learners and develops their respective capabilities. Their vision is improved and they develop an accurate sense of spacing. The visual spatial learners are taught Yoga exercises regularly. There are specific exercises for this and it helps in not only curing but also in enhancing other skills.

With the help of Yoga exercises, children's minds sharpen and they are able to unravel brainteasers, crosswords and play and recognize color games. They learn to distinguish patterns, differentiate colors and solve other fun games. The yoga techniques once learnt are always helpful in solving other problems of life and this holds true for professional problems also. Yoga exercises ensure holistic development of children and it has innumerable benefits which provide us the strength to live life contentedly.