Signs of Stress in Teens

There are a multitude of stress symptoms and the most prominent one is mental stress. Like the signs of stress in children, stress in teens are also characterized by signs of depression in teens, emotional insecurity, temper tantrums or shyness and defiance. Stress causes teenagers to become very skeptical and sarcastic. They can easily be irritated, become very argumentative and disobey their elders every step of the way. They would like to spend as much time as possible away for home and with their friends. Even when they will be at home they will shut themselves inside their rooms and be uncooperative. Some of them would like to be left alone and there will be a loss of sense of belonging in the family.

They should be watched for any signs of doing excessive drug or alcohol abuse. They might lie profusely, steal money or get involved in illicit behavior. All this is the result of stress which leads teenagers to utter confusion in their lives. They might become argumentative and repeatedly point out their elders' mistakes. All these are the consequences of an inability to handle stress. Stress management can only be achieved by resorting to meditation and Yoga.

Parents should talk to them and take their children to experts who can teach them Yoga appropriate to their age and need. If this is not done the moment stress develops in teenagers, it can lead to breakdown and disintegration of the family. The physical changes in teenagers can also be tackled through Yoga. Mood swings due to hormonal changes can be very effectively normalized and other ailments can also be deterred. Stress also leads teenagers to lead unhealthy life and they form many disgraceful habits. Parents should be to pick out any kind of behavioral changes in teenagers and encourage them to meditate and perform Yoga. If Yoga is started before the onset of puberty, it will be very effective in fighting away the negative symptoms of adolescence.