July 7, 2009

Natural Cures for Open Wound Injury

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Cuts and bruises can be very dangerous depending on how deep or exposed the cut is. It is very important to act immediately to avoid complications. Considering that your cut is bad enough that you can see the flesh, it is sure that you must have bled heavily and lost a lot of blood. If the cut is has been open and exposed to dirt, debris or if the underlying tissues have been exposed to bacteria and germs, there would be a serious risk of infection. Make sure you get your tetanus shots from a doctor at the earliest. The exposure can also lead to chronic or acute fungal infections that can harm your natural immunity and expose you to diseases that affect the body’s natural ability to heal. Please note that you should not try to ignore a major wound and clean it yourself, or remove any stuck debris, or try to push back any exposed body parts.

If you have already visited a doctor and require general home remedies to help heal faster, then you can try the following. You must ensure that your wound is completely clean at all times – clean it for at least a couple of minutes. One of the easiest ways to heal the open cut is to apply some honey and secure it with a bandage. Honey is one of nature’s greatest antiseptics and will help kill the bacteria in and around your wound. It will also keep your bandage from becoming dry and keep your wound hydrated. You can also puree a small onion and then mix a few teaspoons of honey in it. This will help your wound because onion contains a substance called allicin which is a powerful anti-microbial agent. Ensure that this mixture does not stay on your wound for more than an hour. You can repeat this application up to a maximum of three times per day.

If you have vinegar at home and can take the sting, use vinegar on your cut. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar to about 300ml of water to subdue the effect, and apply this solution on the wounded area to help kill the bacteria. If you are experiencing any swelling, you can use an ice pack to bring it down.