June 1, 2009

Signs and Symptoms of Wound Infection

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Any injury or abrasion or cut to the body is capable worsening into an infection. The infection occurs mostly due to the open wound coming in contact with the bacteria present in the environment. A deep cut not cleaned and dressed well is most prone to turning into an infection. In some cases though you may notice that despite well administered first aid, the wound worsens in a couple of days becoming an infection. The infection can be spotted by a few symptoms. An increased swelling and pain around the wounded area is usually the first giveaway. It will also be accompanied by redness around the area and pus formation and discharge from the wound. No amount of bandage will seem to heal it and there will also be a slightly foul smell emanating from the wound. An infection of a wound is indeed a serious condition and medical supervision is best. However there are a few simple steps that one could follow to at least aid the healing process.

A treatment involving tea is one of the most recommended. The boric acid in tea is known to be excellent in the case of an infection due to its trusted antibacterial properties. To administer this, first take a tea bag and immerse it in a cup of hot water for about ten minutes. Now take out the tea bag and gently press it on the infected wound for some time. It starts showing almost immediate results by causing a reduction in the redness accompanying the infection. Repeat the whole exercise every half hour for the entire day. Within the day, you will notice a reduction in the pain and the wound will start showing definite signs of healing. Covering the infected wound with a sterile dressing is of course a pre requisite. Keep the infected wound at a higher level than the rest of the body. This reduces the pressure caused by blood circulation on the infected wound.

A tetanus immunization shot should be administered with the help of a medical practitioner, especially if the original injury was caused by some metal. Since the infection is essentially the effect of bacteria on the wound, antibiotics too might be required to speed up the healing process. However, consult your doctor about this and follow his advice. If there is a constant discharge of pus accompanied by a fever, it is a cause for concern and should be brought to a doctor’s attention immediately.