My Boyfriend Was Welding With Out An Eye Wear. He Can Barely Open His Eyes. What Home Remedies Could Help?

Welding is known to be a very dangerous activity and requires the person performing the action to wear significant and industry specific eye ware to avoid any serious impairment of vision. The condition that your boyfriend is currently experiencing is known as a flash burn. This condition causes the cornea that is a clear tissue found on the front of the eyeball, to be easily damaged as a result of over exposure to ultraviolet radiation. While this can obviously be caused by the light emitted from a welder's arc, it can as easily be caused by other sources such as a photographers flood lamps or even a sun lamp. If no eye protection has been worn, the cornea will take the brunt of the damage, which could possibly result in sunburn on the surface of the eye. Some of the most common symptoms of the condition include a significant sensitivity to light, a blurring of vision, bloodshot eyes, pain that may be either mild or quite severe and a feeling that something is lodged in your eye.

As soon as a person experiences a flash burn, it is essential that he goes to visit the nearest doctor or medical practitioner for help. This is essential, because if you leave the eye untreated, it could possibly result in a very prolonged period of blurred vision or even the possibility of a reduction in eyesight. It is also important to relax your eyes after the substantial trauma that they have just been through. For added advantages you can try pouring rose water into your eyes as they have a soothing effect on the cornea. Some easily available over the counter pain killers like paracetamol and codeine are also known to have beneficial effects when dealing with flash burns. You must also completely avoid wearing contact lenses until the condition has been completely cured as the contact lenses will cause a tremendous amount of friction on the eyeballs that will only serve to make the condition worse. The person suffering from the condition must also avoid touching the eyes constantly as this will cause germs and other irritants to come in contact with the already susceptible eyes. Some people have cut slices of potatoes and applied them to the eyes for a significant amount of pain relief. You could also try applying some tea bags on the top of your eyes and leave them on over the course of the night for best results.

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Welding emits Ultra Violet radiations (UV) which can cause damage even to bystanders watching the welding process. Welding without protective eye wear is quite a dangerous and careless act. The consequences of such an act can damage the eyes and also cause loss of vision. Injury caused due to welder's arc is known as corneal flash burn, welders flash or arc eye.

The cornea is the clear tissue in front of the eyeball that acts as a windshield by protecting the finer structures within. Ultraviolet keratitis or corneal sun burn is a type of sunburn that affects the cornea due to damaging ultra violet light. Arc welders, tanning booths, flood lamps, halogen lamps, electric sparks, carbon sparks and sunlight are common sources of such damage. Redness, pain, sensitivity to light, blurry vision, teary eyes and the sensation of a foreign body piercing the eye are common symptoms associated with Ultraviolet keratitis. It is important to consult a medical professional immediately to know the extent of damage.

Incase of slight discomfort or uneasiness you can resort to natural home remedies that can offer the best treatment. Flush your eyes with plain water or a saline solution to brighten them. A paste made of nutmeg and milk applied over the eyes and eyelids can have a cooling effect on the eyes. You can also try using cotton wool pads dipped in cold tea to cool the eyes from eye strain. Cool your eyes by keeping potato pads on your eyelids for a cooling effect. It is advisable to avoid going out in the sun without protective eye wear and try to reduce strain on the eyes until the condition improves.

Dietary intake also plays an important role in restoring visual health. Vitamin A and Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 are the essential vitamins that contribute to healthy eyes and eyesight. The valuable sources of vitamin A are: yogurt, butter, whole milk, egg yolk, carrots, green leafy vegetables, mango, papaya, oranges and melons. Vitamin A deficiency can cause sensitivity to bright lights and also cause visual fatigue or a feeling of persistent tiredness. Sources of vitamin B2 are:

  • banana,
  • tomato,
  • brewers yeast,
  • almonds and sunflower seeds.

Maintaining adequate dietary requirements can help improve visual health.

The cornea is known to heal rapidly. The eye strain should be gone within one to two days. Prevent such incidents by wearing protective eye wear or welders mask to avoid injury to the eye.

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If the burns are severe you should attend the casualty department in case he needs to be admitted for specialized burns treatments - if they tell you that the burns are not severe you should follow the instructions they give you. Should they give you any eye drops make sure that there is not glycerine or propylene glycol in them and use a weak saline solution to bathe the eye instead. Use homeopathic Aconite for the shock and the inflamation also Euphrasia would help the eyes. Please have this checked by professionals in your area first.

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