July 3, 2009

Purple Skin Discoloration Remedy

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A purple color on your skin may be due to bruising, but purple lines on different parts of the body could be spider veins. These are veins that are twisted and swollen because of weak circulation of blood. Veins do not allow the blood to flow in a backward direction but if they become frail, blood can flow back into them and collect over there. This will lead to a clogging which causes the veins to become extremely large and visible though the skin. Spider veins are found in the surface of the skin and they usually look like a spider’s web. Spider veins are more common in women and are usually genetic.

Treatment for Spider Veins

These veins are harmless, but once formed they tend to be permanent. The treatment of these veins is mainly for cosmetic reasons. One of the ways to treat them would be by sclerotherapy. This involves inserting a solution through a tiny needle into your veins. This would cause inflammation inside the vessel and would lead to the closure of the vessel. With the restriction of blood flow, these veins become invisible and fade in about two to three weeks. If the veins still remain after sclerotherapy, you could use laser therapy. This can also be your first option if the veins are small. Both these procedures could be slightly painful, though the discomfort won’t last long. One of the side effects of these treatments could be that smaller veins could replace larger veins and these could look worse than the former ones.

Remedy for Skin Discoloration

You could also try various other methods at home to reduce these veins or also prevent newer ones from forming. The most important thing here is to exercise on a regular basis. Walking or jogging is best for people who are prone to spider veins. Do not sit cross-legged; always keep your legs straight. You could place your legs on a chair in a way that they would rest above your hip level. This would help alleviate spider veins. Avoid wearing high heel as much as you can, go for sneakers or flat sandals. Moving around a little is also effective. Standing in one place for a long period restricts the blood flow and could worsen the situation. You could also try heat therapy massages or rub natural oils like tree oil and lavender. All in all, any kind of color change or purple skin could also be symptoms of a serious disease; therefore, before trying something by yourself you should get some professional help.