July 8, 2009

Natural Cure for Infection

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When external viruses or bacteria start to get a grip of your body tissues and symptoms like swelling, fever and weakness start to appear you can be sure that an infection has occurred. Before we get into the natural cure for any infection, it is important to understand the root of this infection. It is because of the general fear and lack of knowledge about their infection that people end up in a more complicated situation. You might tend to take yourself for granted and overlook the underlying symptoms and causes. If you are unsure about your infection and the symptoms you have, I would recommend visiting your doctor to get a detailed check up and understand the reason, source and type of infection you have and depending on the result, you would be advised a particular treatment or remedy. There are various possible treatments that you could follow but the important thing is to be aware of the cause of your infection so as to prevent it from occurring again.

Natural Treatment

Depending on your infection you can either opt to use an off the shelf medicine or ointment or try some of the home remedies which could take a lot longer, but are a lot healthier and very inexpensive. Besides treating your current problem these can also double up as an infection preventing exercise. One such treatment is to use apple cider vinegar on the infected area. Take a small cloth and dip an end in apple cider vinegar and dab it slightly on the infected area gently. You can add some water to dilute the solution. If you feel itchy you add a drop of garlic juice to a teaspoon of water and apply it to your wound. Garlic is a strong anti-bacterial agent and will help to fight the infection. One of the best home remedies for infections is yogurt. For women suffering from yeast infection it is recommended to douse a tampon into yoghurt and place it in the yeast infected area for an hour or so. The idea behind this is to replace the unhealthy bacteria with healthy bacteria from the yogurt. You can repeat this process 2-3 times a day. You should also try and drink at least 3-4 glasses of buttermilk in a day to stay protected against infection. Another remedy is to make a mixture of the extracts of grape fruit seed and the extracts of olive leaves with a glass of water. Apply this mixture on the infected area and leave it for about 30 min. Rinse off with lukewarm water and repeat the process twice a day.