I don't drink enough water. Is it a cause for me having open pores? Please suggest a remedy. I want to get rid of open pores?

Open pores often give a bad appearance to the face and attract lots of attention. There is no permanent home remedy for open pores unless you try some laser treatment. But you can reduce the size of the pores with the following home remedies

  • After cleansing the face use a toner on regular basis, toner would help to tighten the open pores.
  • Wash your face with cold water. Applying ice on the open pores would also help to tighten them.
  • Whenever you step out you can hide these pores effectively by using a foundation with sunscreen. Wash it off when you reach home or before going to bed and follow up with toner.
  • If the pores are specifically on the nose then it might be accompanied with blackheads. Remove the blackheads regularly with the helps of black head strips available in the market or simply take stream to make the facial skin soft and then remove the blackheads easily.
  • Scrub your face on regular basis to prevent the pores from getting blocked with debris or blackheads.

answered by Dr S

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