how do i care for an open cut that you can see some of the

Cuts and wounds occur quite commonly and need to be taken care of at the earliest to prevent infection and other complications from arising. Minor cuts and wounds are not a cause for concern, but still need to be cleaned and taken care of to promote quick healing. Since the cut you have described is quite deep, it must have resulted in a lot of blood loss. An open cut is also likely to attract dirt and germs, which will cause infection that, can spread to the surrounding areas as well. Also, if the wound has been caused by a foreign object such as a splinter or a glass piece, any bits of the object that may be still stuck inside the skin must be removed immediately. Deep wounds require immediate medical assistance and must not be neglected. You should also get a tetanus shot as a precautionary measure.

If bleeding is still taking place you can apply pressure on the area to stop the blood from flowing. The wound also needs to be cleaned so as to remove any dirt and germs that may be inside it. There are many antibiotic ointments that are available over the counter which can be applied to prevent infection from developing in the wound. The cut can also be bandaged in order to prevent it from exposure to dirt. If the area begins to swell and turn red, then it is important to get it examined as it could be indicative of an infection. You can employ some home remedies after you have had the wound examined by a doctor. These remedies will promote faster healing and alleviate some of the discomfort and pain that the wound may be causing.

First of all, you must remember that you need to keep cleaning the wound at regular intervals. Then you can dab some honey over the cut. Honey is a wonderful natural product that aids in healing of cuts and bruises as it has antiseptic properties. Once you have applied the honey, cover the affected area with a bandage. A cold compress will help to stop bleeding and reduce the pain. The gel of fresh aloe vera leaves can also be used for treating cuts and wounds. Another effective remedy for treating a cut is to apply a pinch of turmeric powder to the area. Turmeric helps to fight infection and allows for proper healing. You can also apply garlic on the wound as it contains allicin which aids in healing. Application of a solution of apple cider vinegar and water serves to clean the cut and prevent infection.

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Cuts and bruises can be very dangerous depending on how deep or exposed the cut is. It is very important to act immediately to avoid complications and assuming that it has already been several hours since you have posted your question it is advisable that you visit a doctor or the emergency room as soon as possible. Considering that your cut is bad enough that you can see the flesh, it is sure that you must have bled heavily and lost a lot of blood. If the cut is has been open and exposed to dirt, debris or if the underlying tissues have been exposed to bacteria and germs, there would be a serious risk of infection. Make sure you get your tetanus shots from a doctor at the earliest. The exposure can also lead to chronic or acute fungal infections that can harm your natural immunity and expose you to diseases that affect the body’s natural ability to heal. Please note that you should not try to ignore a major wound and clean it yourself, or remove any stuck debris, or try to push back any exposed body parts.

If you have already visited a doctor and require general home remedies to help heal faster, then you can try the following. You must ensure that your wound is completely clean at all times - clean it for at least a couple of minutes. One of the easiest ways to heal the open cut is to apply some honey and secure it with a bandage. Honey is one of nature’s greatest antiseptics and will help kill the bacteria in and around your wound. It will also keep your bandage from becoming dry and keep your wound hydrated. You can also puree a small onion and then mix a few teaspoons of honey in it. This will help your wound because onion contains a substance called allicin which is a powerful anti-microbial agent. Ensure that this mixture does not stay on your wound for more than an hour. You can repeat this application up to a maximum of three times per day.

If you have vinegar at home and can take the sting, use vinegar on your cut. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar to about 300ml of water to subdue the effect, and apply this solution on the wounded area to help kill the bacteria. If you are experiencing any swelling, you can use an ice pack to bring it down.

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Try these natural home remedies to heal your cut -

  1. To stop bleeding from the cut apply lemon or warm tea bags over it.
  2. Apply dry turmeric powder on the cut, turmeric have natural anti-bacterial properties which will help to heal the cut.
  3. Cut a salvia leaf according to the size of your cut and place it over the cut. To keep it on place tie it lightly with a cotton bandage. This is a very effective remedy to heal a cut.
  4. Garlic also have good antiseptic and wound healing properties, however if applied directly it can cause damage to the skin. Be cautious, apply in diluted form.
  5. After the cut has healed, apply some marjoram oil over the bruise for quick healing.

If the cut gets infected or if your cut is too deep then consult a specialist for an appropriate treatment to avoid any complications.

answered by Dr S

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