May 22, 2009

Infection and Wound

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

If you have had a wound and are suffering from an infection in the wound, you are advised not to delay visiting a doctor any further. The reason for this is that if an infection is ignored, it can lead to a whole new host of complications. Please keep in mind that infections of all kinds can also spread quite easily and quickly if ignored. Apart from taking proper medication for your infection, you should also be taking care of the wound yourself. It is not always possible to go to a doctor or a nurse for frequent cleaning of the wound or changing the dressing. It is best to do these things yourself. To start with, make sure that you keep the area around the wound clean and dry at all times. You should also clean your wound a few times a day – this would depend upon the size and kind of wound you have. A large wound needs to be cleaned, dressed and changed about once or twice in 24 hours. A small wound can be cleaned and changed more frequently if you have the time. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound. Avoid using cotton, as this will disintegrate and the slivers it leaves behind will stick to your wound, causing an unhealthy environment. Use gauze or disposable cloth instead. This will not leave behind any residual fibers.

For quick and natural healing, you can apply and use a paste made with turmeric powder and clarified butter. After your wound is clean and dry, you can apply this paste. However, do not tie this up, as the grease can stop the easy air flow that is required for good and healthy healing. If possible, leave the wound open. This can actually help to heal a small wound in as little as three days! You can also apply a mixture of turmeric powder and lime powder to your wound. This would be very effective if you are supposed to keep the wound completely dry. For wounds that cannot be allowed to remain damp, you should use a hair dryer frequently during the day to dry them out totally. In most cases, this method is very effective in preventing the excess buildup of moisture and therefore inhibits infection. Remember that dressing your wound regularly is essential for speedy recovery. If you are unsure as to how often to change your dressing, you can ask your doctor.