Yoga Exercises That Can Be Done At Work

Yoga exercises require mood, clothing and other accessories but do not require a specific place. Any place is good if you are in a mood to do yoga. You can stretch your muscles and organs any time anywhere. For the office goers the best time to sneak in for a little stretching and exercise is the lunch hour. Many people use the lunch hour to do yoga to remain flexible and fit. These yoga exercises are also called Yoga Deskercises. Its really fun to do yoga at work.

Given below are some of the popular yoga exercises at work:

Neck Exercises

Rotate your neck in a circle starting from right bend, to chin, chest and then to left bend. Keep your shoulders relaxed while performing this neck exercise. You can also do the neck push exercise that aids in strengthening your neck muscles and alleviate discomfort. With your right palm hold your head. Press your head forward against your right palm. Hold for few seconds and clasp your palms behind your head. Hold for few seconds and repeat the same on the left side.

Arm and Shoulder Exercises

Stretch your arms towards the ceiling sitting on a chair and hold for few seconds. You can repeat the same stretching with alternate arms and hold for seconds to feel a stretch. You can also do the exercise of touching your thumb to tips of each finger of the same hand. This exercise helps to increase the mobility of your fingers.

Hips Exercises

While sitting on the chair, just tighten and squeeze your buttocks. Hold the position for about ten seconds and then release your buttocks. Repeat the exercise for about 5-6 times daily.

Back/Upper Body Exercises

While on the office chair, twist your body by stretching your right side towards the left corner. Hold the pose for few seconds and then release the twist. Similarly, stretch the left back side towards the right end and hold for few seconds. This exercise will help release tension in the upper body.

You can also exercise with by interlacing your fingers behind your back. Keep your palms facing your back and raise them while squeezing the shoulder blades and opening your chest. Hold for few seconds and repeat the step for about 5-6 times. Sitting on a chair you can do various stretching exercises.

Leg Exercises

While sitting on a chair, move your leg up and down. This will release tension on the legs caused by continuous sitting.