Hi, I'm 23 years old. Two years ago, I met with a serious accident and after which my body weight increased to 20 kg in just 10 days due to glucose & medicines given to me. So kindly suggest how can I loose my bulky weight without hard exercises?

At the age of 23 years, it is extremely unhealthy for your body weight to have increased so much in such a short period. Even if you were administered glucose and medication, your body weight should not have increased so much. Moreover, now that two years have passed, this should have also dropped in accordance with time. If this has not happened, then there is a problem of a different nature altogether. The first thing you must do it get a complete physical medical examination done so that you can be diagnosed accurately. It is possible that your weight has increased due to some bodily malfunction or hormonal disorder. However, keep in mind that it is also possible that none of this is true and your increased body weight has just not gone down. Only a medical examination can make any sort of accurate diagnosis. Sometimes, it becomes very easy to put on weight but it is just as tough and challenging to lose this extra weight. It is entirely possible that this is where the problem lies with you as well. This would be particularly true if your accident has rendered you bedridden for even a short period of time.

If your weight has increased for no other reason apart from inactivity, you can take some measures to reduce your weight at home. The first thing you must do is check your diet. This will have to be done somewhat strictly. Make it a point to cut back on fats and carbohydrates from your diet. Concentrate instead on eating more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sweets should also be reduced to a large extent. Avoid meat, opting for a vegetarian diet instead. A vegetarian diet will help you to lose weight better and faster. It will also not allow the weight to come back easily if you can stick to it. Make small changes for big differences. Have a bowl of salad at the start of each meal. This way, you will eat less of carbohydrates, which would be breads and rice. Control your intake of sweets and rice. This will help to lose weight dramatically. Start sipping warm water throughout the day. This will make a very big difference in your bulk. Start the day by drinking a glass of hot water to which half a lime and a teaspoon of honey has been added. Have more yogurts. These small steps can make big differences if made a part of your lifestyle.

answered by G M

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