September 19, 2011

Causes & Cure for Secondary Amenorrhea

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Under normal circumstances, a woman begins menstruating as she grows through her teenage years of puberty. Menstruation is a process that occurs every month with variations of a few days here or there. The woman will enjoy a normal menstrual pattern that tends to adjust itself by the time she has crossed the teenage years. There are various physical and hormonal factors that affect the normalcy of the menstrual cycle. In many cases, women will experience changes that coincide with serious emotional issues or with physical changes in their bodies.

Some women may experience symptoms of secondary amenorrhea. The symptoms of secondary amenorrhea include the main problem, which is that of absent menstruation as well as other symptoms such as sudden weight loss, sudden weight gain, headaches, vaginal dryness, voice pattern changes and the development of abnormal hair growth. It should be understood that the symptoms of secondary amenorrhea occur after the individual has gone through a period of time when her monthly menstrual cycle has been normal and without any trouble.

In order to further understand the problem, it is important to identify the various causes of secondary amenorrhea. When we figure out the causes of secondary amenorrhea, it becomes very easy to treat the condition. The various causes of secondary amenorrhea include sudden weight loss, excess lack of weight, excess weight, serious emotional or mental balance issues, brain tumors, thyroid problems, ovarian disorders or ovarian failure. As one can understand, the various causes for secondary amenorrhea are linked with the hormonal performance of the body. The treatment for secondary amenorrhea involves the use of hormonal therapy as well as any major treatments that may be required such as surgery or invasive therapy.

Natural Cure

When a woman seeks a cure for secondary amenorrhea, she will need to be treated based on the underlying problem that has caused secondary amenorrhea in the first place. The condition of secondary amenorrhea can be quite distressing for the woman as it will affect her physical, mental and emotional health. However, it is important to understand that, under most circumstances, the woman can seek an effective cure for secondary amenorrhea. This will sort out the condition and ensure that she returns to a normal lifestyle. The cure for secondary amenorrhea depends on what is affecting the hormonal balance of the woman’s body. While it may sound trivial, there is often some extremely small variation in the hormonal levels which leads to the development of secondary amenorrhea. The correction of this may even be possible using simple oral medication which would return the body’s balance back to its original equilibrium. However, in most cases, the woman will have to undergo a course of treatment and therapy to help solve the underlying problem. This cure for secondary amenorrhea may also involve surgery if there is a tumor affecting one of the hormone producing glands of the body.

Secondary amenorrhea management is required to deal with the various symptoms that affect the woman. Some of these will be extremely distressing. The woman should help her body with secondary amenorrhea management by consuming a healthy and balanced diet. For those who are obese, exercise should be started at the earliest. This will help to improve the blood circulation and the general health of the body. Any process that improves the health of the body and the condition of secondary amenorrhea can be considered to be secondary amenorrhea natural treatment. The consumption of healthy foods and juices will definitely improve the functioning of the body. This may cure the condition on its own as the hormone levels will begin to balance out again.