July 18, 2011

Schizophrenia Delusions of Grandeur

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Schizophrenia delusions are one among the many symptoms of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder where a person has the inability to tell the difference between what things are real and things that are imagined. Schizophrenia has also been termed a biological disease of the brain that comes and goes. There are acute periods of schizophrenia where a person experiences symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, and thought confusions. These symptoms are usually triggered off by stress. Such delusions schizophrenia symptoms can be treated with antipsychotic medication, intervention and decreased stimuli. Between these acute periods of schizophrenia, a schizophrenic can also suffer from negative symptoms. These include a loss of feeling or a loss of warmth or a general loss of interest. These symptoms are somewhat more difficult to treat and require psychological assistance.

Schizophrenia delusions are misinterpretations of events and their significance. Delusions in schizophrenia are also false beliefs that a person has. For instance, a person may get brushed against on the road and believe that there is a plot to kill him. Any attempt at reasoning with this person about why he may have been brushed against, will only result in him believing that the person reasoning is in on the plot as well. Arguing with such a delusional person will only lead to further anger and mistrust. People who suffer with schizophrenia delusion disorder should be handled carefully. Friends and family should understand that such schizophrenia delusions are a result of a mental illness and not due to stupidity or stubbornness. Schizophrenia delusions are due to paranoid schizophrenia. Any person affected with this sort of schizophrenia will live with fear that he is constantly being followed or persecuted.

Delusion schizophrenia symptoms include:-

  • Imaginary foes and enemies
  • A reserved and withdrawn attitude
  • A tendency to argue and fight one’s way out of situations
  • Sizing up people as a potential threat
  • Delusions of grandeur and fame
  • Hearing voices and sounds that are imaginary
  • A very condescending and arrogant manner
  • A sense of feeling alone and against the world
  • Delusions of being singled out to be either killed or harmed
  • Always being suspicious of other people’s and intentions
  • Being suspicious of almost every little thing that occurs daily.

The above symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia delusions typically last for about a month. It is also important to check if these symptoms were accompanied by moods swings or not.

The various types of delusions in schizophrenia are as follows:-

  • Schizophrenia delusions of grandeur: These delusions occur when the person believes that he/she has exceptional worth or talent or power. He or she believes that he/she is some famous God of some particular religion. This could also be termed as schizophrenia religious delusions.
  • Somatic delusions: This type of schizophrenic delusion is makes a person feel or believe that he or she has some flaw or medical condition or some physical problem.
  • Delusions of reference: This occurs when a person reads something is a book or paper or magazine and believes that it was about him or her. The same type of delusion occurs when he/she listens to the words or a song or watches a movie.
  • Erotomanic delusions: A person who suffers from this kind of schizophrenia delusion believes that a particular person, (usually a celebrity or some who is important) is in love with him or her.

Treatment for schizophrenia delusions involves the use of antipsychotic medicine. Hospitalization may also be recommended for those people who are behaving in ways that may be harmful for others. Such a person is likely to remain in hospital until the delusions subside and treatment take effect. Discharge will only be made when the doctors feel that the person is stable enough to be discharged.