May 7, 2009

Best Natural Remedies For Shingles Treatment

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What are Shingles? Herpes zoster is commonly known as shingles. This viral infection is characterized by blisters and a painful skin rash. Shingles is almost always within a restricted area on one side of the body. The virus varicella zoster causes chicken pox in children. Once the incidence is over the virus is not eliminated and may go on to cause shingles. It may become latent in the nerve cell bodies without causing any symptoms. The virus may break out after ten or more years and cause shingles. The rash generally heals within two to four weeks, but can leave a residual pain in the person for months or at times even years.

What are the signs and Symptoms of Shingles? You may get headaches, fever or malaise, or even exhibit no symptoms. The symptoms may be followed by feelings of burning pain, itching, oversensitivity, a sensation of pins and needles, or numbness in certain areas of your skin. The pain can become extreme and rashes can spread out over the face, torso, eyes, or other parts. The rashes may resemble hives in the beginning but soon become small blisters filled with blood. Once these blisters dry they form scab like crusts. The pain still lingers even after the rash disappears and is called post-herpetic pain.

Remedies for Shingles: The best natural remedy for shingles is to eat a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. A good diet will enhance your immune system. You should eliminate sugar from your diet and ensure that you include important nutrients in your food. You should also include vitamin-B12 and vitamin-C rich foods in your diet. In addition you can take vitamin supplements.

Eat a bowl full of oatmeal, brewer’s yeast and fruit juice in the morning. Ingesting a tablespoon of orange juice and castor oil also provides relief. Another simple remedy for the blisters is to place a cool or cold wet washcloth on the affected area.

A tea brewed from nettle, sage, chamomile, valerian, or blackberry leaves is a good remedies for shingles. You can apply vitamin E oil on the rashes to reduce pain and irritation and also prevent scarring, especially if the shingles appear on your face.

You can try the essential oils of lemon, geranium, chamomile, or lavender to soothe the rashes and treat shingles. Dilute these essential oils in a base oil and rub it on the rash, or alternatively into the soles of the feet. You can also apply apple cider vinegar or an ointment made with vitamin E oil and thyme. Tea tree oil, applied several times a day, is also very effective.

You must take added precautions if shingles appear on the face to protect your eyes. As shingles are caused by the same virus as chicken pox, there is possibility that it can affect others who have never had chickenpox. Pregnant women should keep away from persons suffering from shingles as it can harm both the mother and child.