April 27, 2011

How To Treat Baby Acne With Home Remedies?

Posted in Category : Child Health

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions all over the world and studies have shown that almost everyone will be affected by the condition at some point or the other over the course of their lives. Though most teenagers are affected by this condition there are a number of people who even in their late thirties who are prone to the condition. Besides all of these another condition that is widely present is that of baby acne. Baby acne refers to a condition that is known to affect mostly newborns as their immunity system is rather weak. This could cause a lot of concern to the parents of the child, and therefore methods on how to treat baby acne are usually sought after. There could be a number of causes that are related to baby acne. Firstly, the fact that the immunity system is still in the developmental stage makes the baby prone to such a condition. Besides this other factors such as hormonal imbalance in the body, pollution in the surrounding area and so on, will also affect the baby and cause baby acne.

Baby acne is a very common occurrence in newborn children. Baby acne is a condition that could be identified by the presence of small whiteheads surrounded by a reddish tinge on the baby’s otherwise perfect skin. However, it is not uncommon for parents to misdiagnose the condition with the development of a few white bumps on the baby’s skin that disappear after a period of a few weeks. This occurrence is known as milia and is completely unrelated to acne. As a result, you should try waiting for about 3 weeks before you start to panic about the possibility of baby acne. Baby acne is a condition that starts to develop around the third week of the baby being born and is primarily the result of the hormones that were passed to the baby. These hormones are responsible are the ones that start to stimulate the oil glands.

Because of the fact that the condition is a rather common one, there are a number of methods when it comes to how to treat baby acne naturally. These baby acne remedies are very effective as also come with minimum side effects, though it is recommended that you keep the doctor informed on the treatment options that you are using. One of the most effective methods of how to treat baby acne naturally is to try scrubbing the baby’s face at least once a day with the help of a mild soap. However this needs to be done gently to avoid hurting the baby. Another well renowned baby acne treatment that could be used is application of breast milk. Breast milk is very effective in treating baby acne and could be applied on to the skin of the baby with the help of a cotton swab. Leave the milk on the skin for a total of about 15 minutes before you wash it off. Make it a point to avoid feeding the baby any greasy or oily foods as well as ensuring that you avoid the use of greasy lotions or oils on its skin that could possibly play a significant role in aggravating the condition. Vinegar could also be used to get rid of baby acne. However this is generally discouraged as it could affect the child’s health and lead to conditions like cold and cough. Also make it a point to take your child to the pediatrician just to make sure that you are treating the primary condition and not purely a symptom of some other skin condition.