April 24, 2009

Heart Attack Stroke

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

A heart attack or cardiac arrest is a serious condition that has a very high fatality rate, claiming millions of lives over the years. Even today heart attack is the one of the single largest killer diseases even with the latest medical science and technology. The major reason for this high figure is that patients or people are not sufficiently well informed to be able to detect a heart attack and recognize its symptoms.

The primary reason for heart disease is a poor lifestyle. This includes unhealthy nutrition and harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol. These factors result in various arteries of the heart being clogged or blocked due to a build up of cholesterol. As time goes by the cholesterol hardens and inhibits fresh blood supply to various parts of t he body. This ultimately leads to a heart disease, which results in a deadly heart attack.

The sad part is a lot of people tend to take the symptoms of heart attack very lightly not realising that this can be a huge mistake and prove to be fatal. Therefore one must remember the various symptoms of heart disease. The first sign of a heart attack is angina pain, which is a chest pain due to a lack of oxygen or blood supply. This happens usually when there is physical exertion, which aggravates the heart beat. The pain is similar to someone thumping or putting weight on your chest. This causes heavy breathing and panting. It’s not just physical exertion but even mental stress that can in fact play an even greater role in a heart attack.

Another sign of a lead up to a heart attack is usually heavy dizziness and sweating. Dizziness may not always indicate a heart attack but sweating profusely to a certain degree can be an indication of a heart attack, especially in a ventilated, an air conditioned room or cool climate. If there is chest pain and constant sweating to any person for more than 15-20 minutes, one must immediately seek medical attention as the person might be suffering a heart attack. Remember, if the chest pain spreads to other parts of the body like the left arm and shoulder, this also might be an early indication of a heart attack.

It’s elementary yet important to diagnose a health problem as this sometimes proves to be the difference between life and death. All we need is to be aware of the various symptoms and problems associated with the disease, which can help us to take the appropriate action.