March 5, 2008

Breastfeeding, Information and Advice, Beneficial for Child and Mother

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Breastfeeding is the process feeding an infant with milk from any woman’s breast. Babies posses a natural sucking reflex enabling them to suck as well as swallow the milk. Breast milk is a very good source of vitamin A for infants. Proper nourishment to infants is possible only through breastfeeding. Breast milk has a high nutrient content along with high levels of proteins.

Breastfeeding benefits both child and mother psychologically as well as physically. Antibodies and nutrients pass on to the baby building his/her immunity. Release of beneficial hormones into mother’s body during breastfeeding is another big advantage.
Breastfeeding is also very beneficial to for the bonding of the infant and mother. The psychological, developmental, immunologic, health, economic, social and environmental benefits of breastfeeding are immense.

Majority of infants should breastfeed. Under exceptional circumstances, mother’s milk is considered not to be suitable for her infant. In such cases the best alternative is expressed milk which is taken some other source or even through special infant formula. Some other options include human milk bank or breasts milk from a wet nurse who is healthy. Special attention should be given to infants who are not given mother’s milk.

Although there are some breastfeeding difficulties, they can be resolved with the help of properly trained midwives, proper hospital procedures, and hospital staff. You can also take the advice from lactation consultants. Their advice will definitely help you to resolve your problem. Research and studies have scientifically proved that breastfed infants gain weight gain infants.

New mothers who refuse to breastfeed their infants could be depriving their infants of essential nutrients. It has been proved that weight of breastfed babies increases considerably within 5 to 6 months. By one year the weight of breastfed babies increases two and half times that of birth weight. This can be achieved only if breastfeeding is done regularly for a period of one year.