Home Remedies For Breast Enlargement: Hi, I am 20 year old slim girl. Please give me solution to increase breast size. Reply soon. Thanks.

Natural breast enlargement consists of methods aimed at enhancing breast size without surgery. These methods could be in the form of products such as creams, supplements, pills and herbs. These products generally contain plant estrogens which stimulate growth of breast tissue. They do not interfere with the body's hormonal balance as they are non-hormonal. Natural breast enhancement is reported to result in firmer breasts. However, it is not certain that all women will achieve the desired results from such treatment. But those who have not attained increase in breast size have reported that the treatment has resulted in their breasts becoming firmer.

Herbal breast enlargement is a popular method for augmenting breast size. Many plant elements that herbalists generally recommend for breast enlargement are contained in high proportions in fenugreek seed extract. Fenugreek has been known to increase milk production in nursing mothers, and can also be used to enhance the size of the breasts due to its ability to regulate hormones. Saw palmetto is a very useful herb for natural breast enlargement, which is also used to treat problems such as infections of the urinary tract and obesity in men and women. It is a natural hormone regulator and can produce results in the targeted amount of time. Wild yam is another herb which, apart from its other uses, helps in a many conditions pertaining to women's health, including breast enlargement. Pueraria mirifica also boosts the size of the breasts, and is also known for its effectiveness in enhancing the condition of hair and skin. The roots and extract of the natural herb, dona quai, is very helpful in breast enlargement, as it regulates estrogen production. Another herb containing properties of estrogen is blessed thistle, which aids in increasing breast size and also improving the production of milk in nursing mothers. Blessed thistle also helps in improving blood circulation.

vitamin E is essential in breast growth and watercress leaf is a natural product that is rich in it, making it an important remedy for improving breast size. Another natural product that is effective in enhancing breast size is dandelion root, which increases production of breast cells. It also aids by improving the health of breast tissue and does not produce any adverse repercussions. Fennel seeds increase the production of estrogen as they contain a high concentration of flavonoids. They work by aiding the formation of new cells and tissue in the breasts. Marshmallow root extract is another beneficial remedy for breast enlargement. It can be used as a compress on the breasts and may also be taken internally for some months. Massaging the breasts with natural oils may also help to increase the size of the breasts.

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Herbal Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement

There are many effective herbal home remedies for breast enlargement. Following are some of the most popular herbs:

  • Saw palmetto is one of the most effective herbs for breast enlargement. It is believed that this natural herb is a hormonal regulator and helps in increasing breast size, stimulating sexual desire, treating urinary tract infections and regulating weight.
  • Dong Quai is another excellent herb which is principally used for treating myriad of female health conditions related to hormonal imbalances and reduced production of estrogen.
  • Blessed Thistle is also believed to be used as an effective remedy for increasing breast size. This herb is a traditional restorative herb that mainly supports the functioning of female reproductive organs.
  • Wild Yam is also a useful herb for various female health conditions including breast enlargement. This natural herb contains diosgenin which is a producer of progesterone and a popular treatment for PMS.
  • Fenugreek is a traditional cure for increasing milk supply from breast. This is also used effectively in treating diabetes, congestion, control high blood pressure, flatulence and breast enhancement.
  • Pueraria Mirifica, also known as Kwao Krua, is believed to boost breast size almost up to 80%. It also shows miraculous results on skin and hair.

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