March 5, 2008

Home Remedies for Breast Reduction

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Breast reduction like breast augmentation, is a popular surgical procedure in today’s times. Cosmetic surgeons often remark on how popular breast reduction is. Just as many prefer surgical methods for reducing their breasts, just as many even prefer to try and reduce their breasts with alternative options. But the question is whether there are any viable non-surgical options for breast reduction.

There are some breast reduction options that are not surgical and there are even some home remedies for breast reduction but none of these options are actually scientifically proved or even accepted solutions. There are enough people who try these options and who vouch for the veracity of these methods.

Two of these methods use ultrasound to break down the breast fat and reduce the breast size. These methods are believed to have negative effects on some organs of the body and these effects are still being studied. The most important point that experts point to, in non-surgical breast reduction, is that these methods tend to literally deflate the breast. This leads to sagging breasts which in turn, could lead to a requirement for another surgical procedure — to tuck the breasts. There are also untested procedures that freeze breast fat and help reduce breast sizes. Again, the efficacy of such methods is quite suspect.

In home remedies for breast reduction, there are herbs and herbal supplements that you can try along with exercises. Ginger and fennel are the more commonly found herbs that can be used to reduce breast size. The volatile oils found in ginger and fennel’s general anti inflammatory properties are believed to help in reducing breast sizes.

All these herbal remedies must be taken with caution as there is no scientific proof that any of it is even true. You will also find many herbal concoctions in the market that are labelled specifically for breast reduction. You should exercise caution even with those. The herbal supplement market and its products are not regulated by any authority except for a general guideline. You should do as much research as possible including consulting a healer if that will assuage your doubts. Some of the herbs that have known to help reduce the breast size include guarana which is a paste made from a common South-African herb, Paullinia cupana. This herb is high in caffeine and tannins. Though this herb is often used in herbal supplements, there are also contraindications for this herb because of its content. Another herb is hoelen which is a type of mushroom. This mushroom is used in herbal teas that promote breast reduction.

The best way to reduce your breast size non-surgically is to exercise. The breast is largely fat tissue and exercising will help it to not only reduce but also firm up. Some exercises you can do are:

  • Typically energetic cardiovascular– chest strengthening exercises with some weights can help the breast to reduce its fat. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises – an effective combination that works very well to reduce breast sizes.
  • Arm lifts – done in a 360 degree rotation, with alternating arms, can strengthen the muscles of your breasts, helping them become firm.
  • Push ups work well in burning fat from breasts. Effectively and correcting burning fat helps your body get fit and breasts naturally reduce size. Wear a good sports bra while exercising to support your breasts.
  • The regimen of yoga has asanas or poses that specifically target the chest and the breasts.

Maintaining a healthy diet along with exercise is a great long term method to reduce your breast size, non-surgically without any dire effect.