July 21, 2010

Herbal Pills For Breast Reduction

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Many women, who plan to reduce the size of their breasts, may consider natural methods of breast reduction. To some extent, losing weight and performing regular exercise does help in natural breast reduction since it decreases the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. Many women also experience a reduction in the size of their breasts after breastfeeding. However, the skin may lose some of its elasticity. Some women also opt for herbal breast reduction, while others may use creams or other remedies to reduce breast size.

Non-surgical methods of breast reduction are in most cases not successful or found to yield only limited results. Breast reduction herbal pills are also not regulated by the FDA and hence do not meet the same high standards as other prescription drugs. These natural products do not have to produce any evidence to support their claims. Hence, there is no scientific evidence to prove that the reduction actually takes place. There is no compulsion on the manufacturers to fulfill their advertising claims. In many cases, women who use an herbal solution for breast reduction have to also go in for a surgical procedure to lift the breasts or alter their shape. It is important to discuss any kind of breast reduction with a qualified specialist who will be able to provide advice on whether natural breast reduction is an appropriate option. He will also be able to advice on whether natural breast reduction should be combined with a surgical procedure for best results. The most common side effect of surgical breast reduction is pain. This is generally experienced during movement after the procedure. There are some breast reduction risks that occur after a surgical procedure. These include permanent scarring, slow wound healing, sores around the nipples, mismatched breasts or nipples and inability to breastfeed. The cost of surgical procedures may also be a deterrent for many.

Safety should be the most important concern when opting for any kind of breast reduction or augmentation method. Herbal treatments for breast reduction affect the fatty cells in the breasts and hence reduce size. One must do a bit of research and also consult with a doctor before buying such products since there may be variation in the ingredients and methods of manufacturing. It is also advisable to inquire about how much time it would take for the desired results to appear. One must also be careful when reading the labels of such products.