February 7, 2011

Bikini Line Hair Removal Tips

Posted in Category : Beauty

Popular culture demands that women clean hair from most parts of the body, including the pubic area. There are many ways to do this. There are creams and epilators that help in removing the hair on the bikini line. Popularly women either shave their bikini areas or wax it; either way is a quick way to clean the hair off the pubic line.

Let’s look at some bikini line shaving tips.

  1. Before you start shaving ensure that you have all the proper equipment. Get a small pair of scissors to trim the pubic hair before shaving; get a razor specially meant for women or a razor with a moisturising strip; get some shaving gel or cream; keep some talcum powder and a small mirror handy.
  2. Trim your hair close to the skin. Hair should be under ½ an inch long. It will make shaving easier.
  3. Have a bath or hot shower before shaving. The warm water will relax the hair and the roots.
  4. Apply some shaving cream or gel or even hair conditioner. The aim should be to soften the hair and skin, making it easier to shave. If you shave on dry skin, dead skin cells could clog your razor, making it that much more difficult for you to shave.
  5. Use the razor in the same direction as the hair growth, in quick strokes. You can even try moving the razor sideways. Avoid using the razor too many times in one area.
  6. A small mirror might make it easier for you if you are not able to see clearly.
  7. Remember to rinse off the blade after few strokes. You can also reapply shaving gel.
  8. Once you have shaved, rinse off and dry the area. Pat it dry. Rubbing it too hard or vigorously could cause an irritation.
  9. Apply some lotion as the skin is especially sensitive and even apply talcum powder to absorb additional moisture and prevent friction.

Sometimes shaving the pubic area can also result in razor bumps or ingrown hair. This can cause irritations and get red and infected. You can apply some acne cream (containing salicylic acid) on it. Wear loose clothes till this irritation heals.

The skin around the pubic area is very sensitive and many doctors believe that shaving it leaves the area unprotected. It can lead to increased infections and microscopic wounds too.

In order to get rid of the pubic hair, you can even try waxing. This particular wax is known as a Brazilian wax in common parlance. Brazilian wax is one type or style of waxing you can get done. Others include American and French. The difference in the different types of waxes is how much hair is left intact – it could be a strip, a tuft and just trimmed. You can do this wax at home or get it done at a salon.

This procedure tends to be painful but the pubic area stay clean longer. Waxing removes the hair from its root while shaving only shaves the hair above the surface. With shaving, within a week, the hair starts to grow back and can irritate the skin with its prickly appearance.

The third and more permanent way to remove hair is to do a laser treatment. Laser removes the hair permanently. But you should consult a doctor before undergoing this treatment.