March 20, 2007

Tips To Care for Your Eyebrows Naturally

Posted in Category : Beauty

Eyebrow is an area of coarse skin hair above the eye. It is required mainly to prevent salty and sweet moisture from flowing into the eye. Eyebrows are essential to prevent foreign objects like dandruff and dust from falling into the eyes. Biologically they are required to maintain the eyes from falling prey to unwanted articles and dust. Eyes brows are also a beauty asset, if groomed properly and taken good care of. In general, they are extensively used while expressing feelings like that of an expression for amazement and anger. Thus, knowing their importance better care of them should be taken to have a beautiful pair of eyebrows.

Eyebrows should be groomed properly to have a fresh look. The shapes of eyebrows do play an important role in a person’s look. Some tips that can help you have great eyebrows are as enumerated below :-

  • Pluck eyebrows before bedtime. This will help the redness disappear overnight.
  • In shaping the eyebrows it is essential to keep in mind your facial features.
  • Using a pair of slant edge tweezers helps grip hair easily.
  • Comb hair one way and then the other way to ensure removal of loose hair.
  • It is advised not to remove hair above the brows.
  • It is advised to pluck each hair individually and closer to the root.
  • It is also suggested that the removal has to be done in the direction of the growth.
  • Finally, it is never advised to over pluck the hair.

In case of losing eyebrow hair, special care has to be taken. The reason for the loss needs to be ascertained. It is also advisable to consult the dermatologist if the case aggravates.

For all those who desire for the most beautiful eyes, take proper care, wash them regularly, comb them well and use tweezers appropriately.