How to remove unwanted hair from bikini line?

Dark bikini lines can be a result of tanning or incorrect methods to get rid of the unwanted hair along the bikini line. Removing hair from the pubic region can be problematic since that is a sensitive region. The possibility of infections and allergic reactions are higher because of this, so always take a skin test before using any of the methods for hair-removal (depilatory screams, waxing or shaving.) There is a possibility of outbreaks in the pubic region due to incorrect shaving or old razors.. Also avoid incorrect shaving methods. Before you start shaving, always wash the region properly using an anti-bacterial soap and scrub the region once again, after you finish shaving. Apply some astringent on the area after shaving and washing properly to avoid getting blemishes. If you do get pimples on your bikini line, do not try and break them. Instead, wash the area twice a day and keep it clean and dry. It is also important to change your razor frequently to get a clean shave and avoid infections. Always shave in the direction of the hair growth, so that all the hair is removed properly. Sometimes there is an in-growth of hair which makes the bikini line seem darker. In order to avoid this, scrub the region regularly to exfoliate the dead skin that has trapped the hair.

If the dark bikini lines are a result of tanning, avoid wearing synthetic underwear since they increase perspiration and make the skin darken more. Keep the region dry, using a talcum powder if necessary. To lighten the tan marks along the bikini line, you can rub some lemon regularly on the tan lines. Alternately you can apply honey or a paste of turmeric powder and milk or sandalwood powder and rose water, to reduce the effects of tanning.

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