April 15, 2010

Removing Unwanted Facial Hair in Men

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Excessive hair on ones body for both men and women can be removed using various methods. One of the commonest methods is called electrolysis. The simpler and basic way for men to remove hair is by shaving with the help of a blade or a razor. This can be done as often as required and is not expensive at all. A fairly useful home remedy that one can try is to create a mixture of turmeric along with some gram flour and some water. Apply this mixture over the hair and allow it to dry. Once it is dried proceed to gently rub this mixture off. When the paste comes off it will take some of the hair with it too. The mixture is also good for a person’s skin. One can even try waxing at home as another means of removing unwanted hair. Simply start by taking some wax and melting it down. Next using a butter knife or a spatula proceeds to apply a layer of this wax over the skin area that is covered with hair. Then use a cloth or any fabric, cut it into strips and place it over the wax. With a swift motion that moves against the direction the hair is growing in; proceed to yank the cloth off. This will cause the hair to come away on the strip. One can keep repeating this procedure till all the hair is removed. This method of waxing can cause the hair growth to increase in the initial years but gradually the quantity of hair will reduce. One can make wax at home by following a few basic steps. For this you will need some honey, some sugar and some lemon. Proceed to mix all these ingredients well and then place the bowl in the microwave such that all the contents get hot and melt and form a uniform thick consistency. Use this mixture as a substitute for wax.

One can also use a simple method of plucking to remove any unwanted hair. One can use a pair of tweezers for this purpose. Another basic way of removing hair is by bleaching it. One can even make a paste of some gram flour, curd and turmeric and use this mixture to help in the removal of any unwanted facial hair. Lemon has properties that aid in naturally bleaching hair. Hence one can try applying some of this on to the hair.