How to avoid ingrown hairs when shaving bikini area?

Home Remedies for Ingrown Hairs

There are many home remedies that can help you avoid ingrown hairs. Read on the for the most effective remedies for ingrown hair.

Rub your bikini area well with a dry towel before you start shaving. This will weaken the hair follicles holding the embedded hair and will ease the pain and irritation caused during shaving. Use a fine single track razor for the purpose. Avoid the use of double track razors as these double track razors will cause more pain. This is because the upper blade pulls the hair whereas the lower blade at the same time cuts the hair. Use more of pivoting head razors.

Ingrown hair can also be prevented by changing the pattern of shaving. You can simply change the direction of shaving; go with the grain rather than going against the grain. Changing the shaving pattern also implies to the change of razor used. You can shift on to electric shaver if you are using manual razor and to manual if using electric blade.

Examine you face well while shaving. Keep a magnifying glass before you while doing the activity and hunt for all the hairs that are caught in the hair follicle. Remove these caught hairs with fine tweezers. Make sure that the tweezers you use are sterilized in alcoholic solution.

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