April 3, 2007

Waxing Tips and Precautions

Posted in Category : Beauty

Waxing is done to remove unwanted hair from the root. It is a temporary method of hair removal and the new growth comes after three to eight weeks. Waxing can be done in parts of body like eyebrows, face, legs, arms, abdomen and feet. This is one of the better methods to keep the body clean, without damaging the skin. It is seen that repeated waxing leads to slowing of the growth rate of hair from the waxed area.

It is however very essential to take certain precautions while waxing and these are illustrated below :-

  • Clean the area properly to be waxed, otherwise the results are not good
  • Too hot or too cold wax to be avoided. The results are not good in both conditions.
  • One should be careful in choosing the right type and quality of wax, else it might lead to some skin diseases.
  • While getting a wax done, care has to be taken that it is done by the right person, else it can become painful. As the hair removal is not permanent and if done in the wrong direction it could disturb the hair follicle causing hair to grow in different direction. The result is not very welcome and can cause permanent hair problems.
  • Usually people with diabetes or who have varicose vein should avoid getting waxing done as they are more prone to infection.