How can you treat constipation and gastritis in a quadriplegic person without use of harsh medications?

For Constipation try these remedies:

Eat a lot of raw salads and green vegetables. Drink plenty of water, but always a half hour before or after a meal.

A tablespoon of castor oil, if it is too hard to take alone, have it with half a cup of orange juice.

Eatting yogurt daily can keep the digestive track moving, coffe also stimulates bowels.

All white foods cause constipation-white refined flour, white rice, white bread, cakes, pastries, sugar, cheese and milk products, try to limit these.

For Gastritis try theses remedies:

Drink plenty of water and juices, especially lemon juice laced with a pinch of salt.

Drinking water gives immediate relief to symptoms like distended stomach and gas.

Chewing a small piece of fresh ginger with salt, five to ten minutes before meals, stimulates digestion.

A teaspoon of seeds of Carom seeds with a little rock salt is a good remedy for this ailment.

Go for a 30 minutes walk.

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Hi there,

Gastritis and constipation are two very different conditions.

With the constipation I would suggest a whole foods diet with alot of fiber, ground flax seed daily and a mixed fruit compote once a day. If that is not enough an herbal laxative could also help.

Gastritis is to broad for me to help you with because I would need to know alot more about you. I would suggest finding a local Naturopathic Doctor to help you with it. So you can be followed closely and have that support.

Take Care,

Bonnie Marsh,ND

answered by B M

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