Foods to eat when suffering from hernia and gastritis

Gastritis is a disorder in which the there is inflammation of the lining in the stomach causing it to become raw and hence painful. It occurs due the stomach lining's defense against injury and occurs due to overeating or eating foods that are very spicy. Other reasons include reaction to certain harsh medications, stress caused due to an accident or injury, excessive smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and emotional stress.

To help clear gastritis you will have to consume an all fruit diet for the period of the gastritis episode. Fruits like apples, oranges, pineapples, peaches and melons should be eaten as much as possible. Avoid foods that contain excessive spice and preservatives, instead eat light and mild foods. This will allow the inflammation to subside and provide relief for your symptoms. Once the gastritis is cured make sure to eat a diet that is balanced and rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Avoid altogether the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, smoking, aerated waters and foods that rich in dairy products like cakes and pastries. An effective home remedy that you can use to treat the gastritis is a combination of carrot juice and spinach. Take about 180 Gms of spinach and about 300 Gms of carrot and make a juice of the same. The hernia once operated upon and cleared will require no special diet, however keep the quantity of your meals small and avoid holding a stool in for too long. Once your body returns to normal make sure to keep regular eating habits that are eaten at the same time everyday. This will help keep your digestive system functioning normally and prevent the gastritis from becoming from recurring. Also consult your doctor to find out if there is any relation between the hernia operation and the gastritis. This will help you better understand your symptoms and hence treat it more effectively.

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