I have been diagnosed with gastritis through endoscopy. Why then am I having pains in shoulder blades after eating sometimes?

Scientific evidence does not prove any connection between gastritis and a pain in the shoulder blades. It is, however, possible that you also have excessive gas, which is causing this discomfort. Gas has a way of settling into various pockets of your body and making your life miserable. In order to get rid of this pain, you can try a couple of remedies for gas. Sip coconut water all day, this will help cool down your system. Try this simple remedy at least once a week for good results. Consuming yogurt will allow the live bacteria in it to fight acids, thereby soothing your gastritis. Eat papaya for breakfast. This will cleanse your system thoroughly and get rid of gas.

Fresh fruit is soothing for gastritis patients. Stick with apples, papayas and melons. Gas can also be relieved with sipping from a glass of 10 tablespoons of milk, topped with ice, all day. Apart from soothing an irritated stomach, this will also help you get rid of gas. Other cures for gas would include taking a teaspoon of a mix of asafoetida and thymol seeds (also known as ajwain) last thing before going to bed. You can simply swallow this with warm water. This way, you will relieve gas all night.

answered by G R

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