how can i straighten my curly hair?

A good brush plays a vital role in straightening hair. One with a hottest setting is helpful. Flat/paddle brushes aid in straightening curly hair.

Another way to straighten curly hair is to brush it through after conditioning and dividing the brushed hair into sections after which the hair is tightly curled around big hair rollers. The hair can be brushed straight down after drying.

Hot oil treatment is also beneficial. The oil used for the treatment is heated and applied to the hair and scalp. The hair is covered with a plastic cap allowing the oil to settle on the hair thereby healing damaged black curly hair and leaves the hair straightened and shiny.

For the best straightening result, wash the hair first and use a good conditioner which can be combed to the hair ends and left for at least half an hour. Rinse and comb, after which the hair is blow-dried with a blow dryer.

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