I have short, slightly curly hair. I need to maintain it by growing it longer. Tell me about the shampoo and conditioner that I should use. Also tell me if I could straighten my hair without any side effects.

It takes dedication and a disciplined conscious effort to make your hair grow long. Before you set your goal on hair growth, you need to be aware of something we call the "terminal length", or the maximum extent to which a particular individual's hair can grow. This length of one's hair is genetically determined, and it is important for you to understand that nothing much can be done to alter it. The good news is that you can grow you hair to its terminal length by taking good care, and following a simple set of disciplined instructions.

In most cases hair growth is hampered by excessively damaged hair, and most of us tend to ignore it. The best method to grow long hair is to avoid altering the hairs natural form or shape till you have achieved your desired length. Many individuals who like long straight hair tend to straighten their curls when the hair is short. Hair follicles continually grow, and trying to straighten curly hair when it is short can be a futile effort. As the hair grows longer it tends to readjust to its genetically defined shape. Always remember that long hair is more susceptible to damage as compared to short hair. The most fundamental rule of growing healthy long hair is to ensure it is well maintained. A regular shampoo and conditioner routine is essential to keep your hair free from damage, facilitating its growth.

The first step to growing hair longer is to trim it. You should trim an inch of hair from the ends constantly to remove damaged hair. This also removes any split ends from the hair. Do not wash your hair too often when you are growing it, as this tends to wash away essential oils, and sebum from the hair. This does not mean that you should ignore washing your hair completely. Instead, you could choose to wash once in two days with a shampoo and a quality conditioner. Avoid daily washing with a shampoo, as this will remove the natural oils, making you hair dry and susceptible to damage.

Rinsing your hair in cold water will ensure that your cuticles stay intact, and your hair shines better. Very hot water tends to damage the cuticles and also your hair. Try to reduce the friction on your hair by not letting it loose while sleeping, or rubbing it too hard with a towel.

Once your hair has grown to its desired length, you can style it. Some of us may want to straighten it, and it is most recommended to have your hair stylist do it for you. Please remember that hair straightening is not permanent, and your hair will regain its original form in some time. Maintaining straight hair in an individual whose genetic hair is curly will need frequent visits to a hair stylist. It just takes a little discipline, and cautious care to get those long locks that you desire.

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